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La mia analisi: Il materiale

La lezione del GM Schwartzman It is my pleasure to once again introduce FIDE World Champion Anatoly Karpov as a guest Lessonr in my Academy. Please enjoy his Lesson!
I am pleased to accept Gabriel's kind invitation to once again Lesson at his wonderful chess school. I arrived at this position after White's 27th move when playing Black in the first round against the young Swiss IM Yannick Pelletier.
Pelletier has just played the straightforward and optimistic Rd3-d6. On the surface, this seems quite promising for White as he seems poised to exploit the unprotected knight on b6 and Black pawn on a6. Black could play 1...Rfd8 and after all the rooks are exchanged White would play e3-e4 with a draw as the most likely result. After the game, while analyzing on my laptop, the first thing that Fritz4 suggested were the two queen moves (1...Qa7, or 1...Qb7) to simply defend the knight and a6
pawn. However, during the game itself I found a move that:
a) Destroys the coordination of the White rooks;
b) Gives Black control of the c-file, and;
c) Fights for the INITIATIVE !


Excellent play, as the line of communication from the d1-R to the d6-R is severed. Now I force White to accept the sacrifice of my a6-pawn (MATERIAL), after which the rook on a6 is out of play for quite some TIME. In addition, with its keen surgical eye for weaknesses in the enemy position, we will see how the knight on d5 also attacks the c3 and e3 (DARK SQUARES) in the White position. Let us see how the game continued....
2.Rxa6 Rc3 3.Qb2 Rfc8!

Delayed gratification! I offer the b5-pawn to gain even more TIME, and secure control of the open c-file. Black now threatens to PENETRATE with Nd5xe3 and Rc3-c2.
4.e4 Ne3 5.Re1
If 5.Rd2 Rc1 6.Rf2 Qg5 7.Ra8 Qxg2+!! 8.Rxg2 Rxf1 mate.
Removing the defender of g2, and further weakening White along the SEVENTH RANK.
6.Rxf1 Rc2 7.Qe5 Rd8!?
I offer a second pawn (MATERIAL) to gain TIME to double my rooks on the seventh rank.
Rather than grab more MATERIAL, White should spend some TIME to defend his weak g2 point with 8.Kg1 Rdd2 9.Rg1, but after 9...Qd8! Black threatens Rxg2! and still has a poweful attack!
9.Qb8+ Kh7 10.Qg3 Qd7!
More PENETRATION with Qd7-d4. Note how the White rook on a6 is totally out of play.
11.Ra5 Qd4+ 12.Kh1 Rd1, White Resigned (0-1)

 The weak White first rank is fatal, as after 13.Re1 Rcc1 is overpowering.